Red House by Eric Gales, Samantha Fish & Kingfish

Love all three of these artists BUT Man, Kingfish hit the stage like a Megaton nuclear bomb and blew the roof off the place!

The fact that no one acknowledged Kingfish admiring Samantha, nor Samantha admiring Kingfish, blows my mind. Each in their own lane, yet so respectfully playing the blues, is beyond me.

There’s a red house over yonder
That’s where my baby stays

Lord, there’s a red house over yonder
Lord, that’s where my baby stays

I ain’t been home to see my baby
In ninety-nine and one half days

Wait a minute, something’s wrong
The key won’t unlock the door
Wait a minute something’s wrong, baby
Lord have mercy, this key won’t unlock this door (something’s goin’ on here)

I have a bad, bad feeling
That my baby don’t live here no more
(That’s alright I still got my guitar, look out now)

Well, I might as well go on over yonder
Way back up on the hill (I got something to do)
Lord, I might as well go back over yonder
Way back yonder ‘cross the hill

‘Cause if my baby don’t love me no more
I know her sister will

Songwriters: Jimi Hendrix
Red House [5/25/69 San Diego Sports Arena] lyrics © Experience Hendrix Llc.

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