Spoonful by Joe Bonamassa & Larkin Poe (Live)

Awesome rendition of a blues gem. Been following Larkin Poe for a while now and it’s great to see them getting some recognition that they deserve.

The way blues artists work together and share the stage to play great music together is one of the attributes that make blues my favorite music. They really enjoy playing with other talented musicians and enjoy the music they play and do let egos get in the way.

These girls are badass! What a tone on that slide guitar…sounds like honey & tabasco on velvet!!

(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)
Super Jam with Joe & Paul Shaffer
Joe Bonamassa – Guitar & Vocals, Rebecca Lovell – Vocal & Guitar, Megan Lovell – Lapsteel, Paul Shaffer – Emcee, Reese Wynans – Keyboards, Michael Rhodes – Bass, Paulie Cerra – Saxophone, Lee Thornburg – Trumpet, Anton Fig – Drums, Sinead Burgess – Backup Vocals, Juanita Tippins – Backup Vocals.

Might fill spoons full of diamonds
Might fill spoons full of gold
Just a little spoon of your precious love
Will satisfy my soul

You’re a lyin’ about it
Go around and cry about it
Everything’s a lyin’ about
Everything’s a-fightin’ about, about the spoonful, spoonful
Spoonful, spoonful
Spoonful, yeah

Might fill spoons full of coffee
Fill spoons full of tea
Just a little spoon of your precious love
Good enough for me

You’re a-lyin’ about it
Go around and cry about it
Fight and die about a spoon
Everything’s a-lyin’ about a spoonful
Spoonful, spoonful, spoonful yeah
Spoonful, spoonful, spoonful yeah

Might fill spoons full of water
Save them from the desert sands, yes
What a little spoon of your forty-five
Saved you from another man

Baby, you’re a lyin’
Go around a-cryin’
Everything’s a-lyin’
Everything’s a-fightin’ about the
The spoonful, spoonful, spoonful
Spoonful, spoonful, spoonful

Spoonful, spoonful, yeah
Everything’s a-lyin’ about the spoonful, yeah!
Songwriters: Willie Dixon
Spoonful lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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