“The History and Evolution of the Blues” video series

Hey guys!

I’m Panos and I’d like to share with you a video series I’ve made about the history and evolution of the Blues (and generally of African American music) through the centuries. I have put great emphasis on the period before the birth of Blues (16th-19th century) and the way different music traditions interacted and evolved amidst the socioeconomic developments in the United States. Of course there are also many episodes about the birth and evolution of Blues music and its key figures, starting with the Proto-Blues style that developed in the American South, until the electrified Chicago Blues that gave birth to new music genres on both sides of the ocean.

I hope you find something useful in this work!

Panos Charalampidis




In this first episode of the Blues History series, we’ll focus on the life and musical traditions of African Americans during the first two centuries of the colonization of the New World. We’ll see the role played by Work Songs and Field Hollers during slavery, and how these musical expressions helped keep some African traditions alive.

English subtitles are available

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