Buddy Guy in 1969 with Jack Bruce and Buddy Miles

Buddy plays “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and “My Time After Awhile”, straight from his album “A Man And The Blues”, with some British friends.

Yeah, this is a million-dollar video clip. A young Buddy Miles red hot on the drums. Jack Bruce totally in the groove and Buddy Guy with awesome vocals and great guitar playing. It doesn’t get much better than this. Still numb really, watching this has put me in a great mood. His voice is so awesome wow goosebumps every time when he screams like that. How cool was the 60s?

It’s so hard to choose one of these three giants to listen to when you hear all these perfectionism notes in this performance.

Lyrics :
Mary had a little lamb
His fleece was white as snow, yeah
Everywhere the child went
The lamb, the lamb was sure to go, yeah

He followed her to school one day
And broke the teacher’s rule
And what a time did they have
That day at school

Task him babe, all right
For bringin’ yellow bearskin
I wrote a letter to my baby
On my way I’ve asked

Lyrics (My Time After Awhile):
It’s your time now baby
Ohh but it’s gonna be mine after awhile
I said it’s your time right now baby
Lord but it’s gonna be mine after awhile
You know you know if things don’t change
I’m gonna move on down

She stayed out last night
And do you know she just walked in
The girl is gettin’ ready
She’s going back out again
I said just wait one minute
Just before you go
She didn’t even look at me
She just turned and walked out the door

It’s your time, it’s your time, it’s your time right now
Oh, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta feelin’
Oh, it’s gonna, it’s gonna, it’s gonna be my time after awhile

I got a look through my window
And guess what I seen
My baby sat with another man
In a long black limosine

I said it’s your time, it’s your time
Yes you know I, you know I got that feelin’ woman
Baby it’s gonna be my time after awhile

I just wanna talk to my baby:
And here’s what I wanna say
Go ahead on and mistreat me
But every every dog got his day wow

Somebody better come here and get me baby
I just want to talk to my baby

Songwriters: Robert L. Geddins / Ronald Dean Badger
My Time after Awhile lyrics © BMG Rights Management US, LLC

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