Caldonia by Sugar Chile Robinson (Complete Scene)

Frank “Sugar Chile” Robinson performs “Caldonia” in the classic movie “No Leave, No Love” (MGM, 1946).

They say he was born already knowing how to play without any lessons, Jerry Lee Lewis was the same way, he sat down and he just started to play and all came naturally with no lessons. We suspect they learned to play in another life and carried it over into this life.

This was the only movie in which he appeared. What a crying shame! Thankfully, there are other films of him on YouTube. Robinson said he performed as a guest in a Frankie Carle piano contest in Detroit, where he was discovered and given a contract from MGM. Within only a few days was headed to Hollywood to make this movie.

Frank “Sugar Chile” Robinson was born in Detroit. He first appeared in a Hollywood movie playing the piano when he was only 7 years old. He left the entertainment industry as a teenager in order to continue his education and eventually earned multiple college degrees, including a Ph.D.
Later, he became a producer and an account executive at the nation’s first black-owned television station (WGPR – Detroit). At 82 years old, Frank Robinson occasionally makes public appearances to hit the keyboards.

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