11-year-old Derek Trucks and The Dominators – Slide Slide Slide

11-Year-Old Derek Trucks and The Dominators – Slide Slide Slide – Live, 1991.

Amazing slide playing at such a young age. This is just crazy. How can someone be this good both technically at this age?

He was already great at that age! what can you say? He’s doing what he was put on this earth for apparently!

In the realm of blues and rock, few names command as much respect and admiration as Derek Trucks. Known for his virtuosity guitar skills and soulful playing, Trucks has captivated audiences around the world. In this review, we take a trip down memory lane to 1991, where Derek Trucks and The Dominators, delivered a scorching performance of “Slide Slide Slide” on Much Music. Let’s dive into this iconic video and explore the raw energy and unparalleled talent showcased by this young guitar prodigy.

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