Too Tired by The Legendary Guitarist Gary Moore

Too Tired by The Legendary Guitarist Gary Moore! Live at Montreux 1999!

Gary Moore, guitar, vocals;
Vic Martin, keyboards;
Pete Rees, bass;
Gary Husband, drums.

Probably it’s the best live performance ever done by one of the greatest guitarists Gary Moore!

I laid down last night, too tired to wake.
I had a chill this morning, too tired to shake.
I got a good poker hand, too tired to win.
I can hear my baby knockin’, too tired to let her in.

I’m tired.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m tired.
Too tired, too tired for anything.

I’m too tired to walk,
Too tired to run.
I can hear my baby callin’.
Too tired, too tired,
I’m tired.
Yes, I’m tired.
I’m tired,
I’m too tired for anything.

Take over Albert, I’m too tired for this!

I’m tired of prospherity.
I’m tired of luck.
I’m sittin’ on a pin,
I’m too tired to get up.

I’m tired.
I declare I’m tired.
I’m too tired,
Too tired for anything.

Oh, Albert I’m tired.
You better take over Albert.
I’m too tired baby.

Songwriters: Saul Bihari / Johnny Guitar Watson / Maxwell Davis
Too Tired lyrics © Universal Music – Careers

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