Honey Bee by Stevie Ray Vaughan (Live)

Stevie Ray Vaughan Honey Bee Live In Loreley Festival!

Stevie Ray Vaughan, younger brother of Jimmie Vaughan was born October 03, 1954, in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.
Only three years younger than his Jimmie, Stevie’s desire to emulate his big brother led to him being given a toy guitar from Sears at the age of seven.

He took learning the “instrument” seriously, teaching himself through careful listening of records. He listened to blues artists such as Albert King and Otis Rush; more jazz-oriented players such as Kenny Burrell, and local heroes, The Nightcaps, whose sole LP he listened to regularly (their song ‘Thunderbird’ featured in his early sets)
At the age of nine, he got his first electric guitar as a “hand-me-down” from his brother.

At seventeen, Vaughan left school and moved to Austin, Texas.
Seven years and stints with at least five different bands followed; each year and each band a step forward and while he was well known in Texas, he wasn’t known at all outside of it.

After playing at the 1982 Montreux Jazz Festival and Stevie’s guesting on David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, he and the band were signed to the CBS subsidiary Epic Records on the recommendation of legendary A & R man John Hammond, Sr.
It is hard to believe that he was only on the world stage for seven years; a good portion of that spent battling various addictions.

Even before he won those battles, whenever the opportunity allowed, (or he could turn the moment into an opportunity) he championed those who came before him, inspired him, or who he felt deserved greater exposure.

“Couldn’t Stand the Weather”, Vaughan’s follow-up to “Texas Flood”, a surprise success, was docked points by some critics for a lack of original material (the eight tracks were equally divided between covers and originals)
One of the originals was ‘Honey Bee’ a song built around a distillation of Vaughan’s riffs and licks!

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