If Trouble Was Money by Albert Collins (Live Performance, 1988)

Recorded Live At Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles. CA. 1988. The Bands are, Josh Sklair (guitar), Ed Sanford (organ), Mickey Raphael (harmonica), Jerry Peterson (sax), Gip Noble (piano), Rick Rosas (bass), Michael Huey (drums). (Mickey Raphael of Willie Nelson fame)

What a great performance this is. This brought tears to my eyes its so good. No words can express what this made me feel! Albert Collins is a legend and should be inducted into the Hall of Fame if he hasn’t yet! The master of telecaster indeed!

If trouble was money, I’d swear I’d be a millionaire
If trouble was money, babe, I’d swear I’d be a millionaire
For you I’d buy the whole world, woman, I’d buy the whole world and have money to spare, yeah

Worry, worry, worry, worry, babe, I had worries on my mind, yeah
I said, worry, worry, worry, worry, woman, I had worries all my life, yeah yeah
You know times is hard, baby, I swear, I won’t tell you know lie

My mother used to tell me, she said, “Son, there gonna be days, gonna be days like this”
My mother used to tell me, she said, “Son, there gonna be days, it’s gonna be days, be days like this”
She said, “I always want you to be a winner”, she said, “Son, I don’t want you to quit”

Songwriters: L Collins / M Collins
If Trouble Was Money lyrics © Alligator Records/Eyeball Music

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