Incredible Blues Live In Tv Show by Joe Satriani

From a Brazillian tv show!

He plays an incredible blues and the program’s band starts playing with him.
Satriani 2001.

Oh my goodness! That was just extraordinary! To be able to jam like that with a bunch of different musicians, is a true gift!

His technical skill is astonishing, but he generally doesn’t overplay. He plays as much as the song requires instead of showing off and overdoing it.

Nothing like a blues standard and a musician that “feels it”.
Many call Satriani a shredder, but he is 80% a blues player. Thats why we love his playing, he got all the sweet blues bends!

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  1. No doubt! I was in high school when Surfing with An Alien was released at a local record store. Never forget that day ever. The room was just mesmerized! Good old 1987. Good time to be a teenager with the music choices.

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