Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

Led Zeppelin perform ‘Black Dog’ in front of a sold out crowd at the O2 arena for the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert and concert film ‘Celebration Day.’

John’s smooth bass + Jimmy’s rough guitar + Robert’s angel voice + Bonham’s (father and son) thunderous drumming= Greatest rock band of all time!
And now you know why these bands of that era will never be duplicated. The musicianship and stage presence is the stuff of legends. To think these guys are senior citizens. The energy is unreal!

Hey hey mama said the way you move
Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove

Ah, ah, child, way you shake that thing
Gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting.

Hey hey baby when you walk that way
Watch your honey drip, can’t keep away

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh, ah, ah
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh, ah, ah.

I gotta roll, can’t stand still
Got a flamin’ heart, can’t get my fill

Eyes that shine, burnin’ red
Dreams of you all through my head

Ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ahhh

Hey, baby, whoa baby, pretty baby
Darlin’ makes ’em do me now
Hey, baby, oh baby, pretty baby
Move me like you’re doin’ now

Didn’t take too long ‘fore I found out
What people mean by down and out

Spent my money, took my car
Started tellin’ her friends she gonna be a star

I don’t know, but I been told
A big-legged woman ain’t got no soul
Oh yeah, oh yeah, ah, ah, ah
Oh yeah, oh yeah, ah, ah, ah
All I ask for when I pray
A steady rollin’ woman won’t come my way
Need a woman gonna hold my hand
Tell me no lies, make me a happy man
Ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ahhh.
Ah, yeah!

Songwriters: Jimmy Page / John Paul Jones / Robert Anthony Plant

Black Dog lyrics © Flames Of Albion Music Inc., Mushroom Music Pty. Ltd., Succubus Music Ltd., Flames Of Albion Music, Inc.

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