Led Zeppelin – Over the Hills and Far Away

Led Zeppelin – Over the Hills and Far Away – Live at Madison Square Garden, NY, 7/1973.

A time when rock concerts were surreal experiences that stuck with you for a lifetime. This is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of rock and roll in history!

No other band can improvise on the spot like they did! The only band that can change up their songs with longer guitar solos, drum solos, vocal harmonies, bass solos, whatever they desire! Brilliant and unique. The product of these gifted musicians is revered by so many; this video is an excellent example of that talent.

Hey lady, you got the love I need
Maybe more than enough
Oh darling, darling, darling
Walk a while with me
Ohh, you’ve got so much, so much, so much

Many have I loved, and many times been bitten
Many times I’ve gazed along the open road

Many times I’ve lied, and many times I’ve listened
Many times I’ve wondered how much there is to know

Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings
I live for my dream, and a pocket full of gold

Mellow is the man who knows what he’s been missing
Many, many men can’t see the open road

Many is a word that only leaves you guessing
Guessing ’bout a thing you really ought to know, oh, oh, oh, oh
Really ought to know (oh, oh, oh)
I really ought to know
You know I should, you know I should, you know I should, you know I should

Songwriters: Jimmy Page / Robert Plant
Over the Hills and Far Away lyrics © BMG Rights Management, O/B/O DistroKid, Royalty Network, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc

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