Samantha Fish and Sadie Johnson Live Performance of “Black Cat Bone”

Samantha Fish and Sadie Johnson perform live of “Black Cat Bone” written by Sam Hopkins.

Samantha Fish – Guitar/vocals
Sadie Johnson – Guitar/vocals
Scott Southerland – Bass
Go-Go Ray – Drums.

Hot chicks or not, it is about how they play and not how they look! Albert Collins and BB King also didn’t get judged by the way they looked!

Really exciting to see new guitars players on the scene and female variety on top of that! Pretty awesome jam. Sadie kept up with Samantha very well. Was very impressed. We absolutely love this version of black cat bone.

Samantha Fish experienced childhood in a melodic family with an assortment of types, including a consistent eating routine of exemplary stone radio. Her dad played guitar and would in some cases jam with companions at their home. Youthful Samantha began as a drummer yet changed to guitar at 15 years old. As a high schooler, she would slip into neighborhood blues milestone the Knuckleheads Saloon to hear visiting artists, and she started sitting in with them every once in a while after she became lawful at 18.

Sadie Johnson started playing guitar at 6 years old. Presently 17, Sadie has become one of the most balanced players in an alarmingly melodic city. From an early entry into the widely acclaimed Bloomington High School progressed jazz program, to open jams and gigs, to illustrations with neighborhood aces, the youthful guitarist/vocalist has absorbed impacts and encounters from each side of the local music scene and is venturing out onto the public stage a wildly skilled entertainer. Her all-around great resume of significant American honors keeps on developing, as of late taking in the Ball State Jazz Fest’s Frank “Tooth” Mantooth Award for Outstanding Musician of the Festival. Sadie was additionally named one of the 12 best entertainers at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest in Idaho, out of 200+ schools in participation. As of late, Sadie has been decided to join the Brotherhood of the Guitar, a gathering began by rock picture taker Robert Knight. Upheld by Fender, the gathering tries to assist youthful ability with laying out melodic vocations. She has played with Samantha Fish, Kate Moss, Jimmy Carpenter, and Blues Traveler, to give some examples.

I believe
My baby got a black cat bone, oh yeah, yeah
I believe
My baby got a black cat bone
Seems like everything I do
Seems like I do is wrong

You see I tried so hard
To get along with that woman of mine
You see I tried real hard, y’all
To get along with that woman of mine, yeah, yeah
That seems like the harder I tried
The more she walked around cheatin’ and lyin’, oh
Yeah, she did
I walked down from Dallas, Texas
Down to Wichita Falls
I got to thinkin’ about that big-legged woman
We were no walkin’ on

I believe
My baby got a black cat bone
Just like everything I do
Everything I do is wrong

Songwriters: Sam Hopkins
Black Cat Bone lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Tratore

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