The Blues Brothers – Rubber Biscuit

The Blues Brothers – Rubber Biscuit – Live at Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 1978.

They were the epitome of cool! Why isn’t music like this anymore?

Do you want to hear Elwood do a song?
Elwood, do you want to do a song?

Elwood go nuts

Bow bow bow…

Hee, hee, hee, hee the other day you know I had a wish sandwich
Well a wish sandwich is the kind of a sandwich
Where you have two slices of bread and you
Wish you had some meat
Bow bow bow

Hee hee well the other day you know I had a ricochet biscuit
A ricochet biscuit is the kind of a biscuit that’s
Supposed to bounce back off the wall back in your mouth
Hee hee hee if it don’t bounce back… hee hee you go hungry!
Bow bow bow

The other day I had a cool water sandwich
And a Sunday-go-to-meetin’ bun…
Bow bow bow

What da ya want for nothing? … a rubber biscuit?
Bow bow oooh
I’m Jake
This is the Blues Brothers band

This next song features ah
Matt “Guitar” Murphy on guitar

Songwriters: Charles Johnson / Paul Fulton / Samuel Strain / Shedrick Lincoln / Nathaniel Epps
Rubber Biscuit lyrics © Emi Longitude Music

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