The Sky Is Crying by SRV, BB, Albert, Paul (Live Performance)

Stevie Ray Vaughan, B B King, Albert King, Paul Butterfield – The Sky Is Crying.

Somewhere during this performance, it occurred to me that all of these men are dead…gone. And not coming back. And I started to cry a little, simply because you rarely see perfection in anything. But when these cats performed their craft and livelihood, you did, indeed, see perfection. Pure perfection….you just don’t see it often. Music is like air to me…I couldn’t live without it. But after you watch this, you realize that there are so few pure artists.

Everything is overproduced and manufactured. These guys did not play and sing that kind of music…that for damn sure. Congratulations to Stevie, being inducted in the HOF again, with Double Trouble..and Paul’s induction with his band this year, was also long overdue.

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