Willie Nelson and Bonnie Raitt – Getting Over You

Willie Nelson and Bonnie Raitt – Getting Over You – Live at ACL Hall of Fame New Year’s Eve, 2016.

How can there be a sweeter song than this?
The song is about the eternal hope that true love can never fall apart, people remain connected at the level of the soul…always, if their feelings are genuine.

We all can relate to heartache, for it has no colour, religion or nationality. I can imagine this beautiful song goes straight to your heart. I hope you will feel better soon and may all your wishes come true…. Just know, you are not the only one!

If music had a Hall of Fame for unforgettable live performances, then Willie Nelson and Bonnie Raitt’s collaboration on “Getting Over You” at the ACL Hall of Fame on New Year’s Eve, 2016, would undoubtedly be inducted as a timeless classic.

A great version of the Stephen Burton song by Willie and Bonnie. Originally on Stephen’s album “What It Is” on DOS Records in 1993.

The magic unfolded as the clock struck midnight, ushering in a new year with a perfect blend of two iconic voices and their remarkable chemistry. Willie Nelson, with his signature bandana and guitar, stood tall beside Bonnie Raitt, known for her electrifying slide guitar skills and soulful voice. From the first note, it was clear that this was a performance for the ages.

As the song’s tender lyrics flowed from their lips, you could feel the raw emotion in every word. The way their voices intertwined and harmonized was nothing short of magical, creating an atmosphere that resonated deeply with the audience. You couldn’t help but be captivated by the genuine connection between these two music legends.

What made this performance even more special was the impeccable musicianship on display. Each strum of the guitar, each note played, was a testament to the decades of experience these artists brought to the stage. It was a masterclass in live music that left the audience in awe.

But it wasn’t just about the music; it was also about the camaraderie and authenticity that Nelson and Raitt brought to the stage. They shared stories, exchanged smiles, and radiated a warmth that transcended the physical distance between the stage and the audience.

As you relive this unforgettable performance, you’ll be transported to a place where music is a powerful force that connects people, transcending time and space. It’s a performance that reminds us why we love live music—the thrill of witnessing two legends create something extraordinary right before our eyes.

But don’t just take my word for it. I invite you to share your thoughts and memories of this magical night. Did you have the privilege of being in the audience that New Year’s Eve? Or have you experienced this performance through the screen? Leave a comment and let’s celebrate the music, the artists, and the shared moments that make live performances like this one truly special. Your thoughts and stories are not only welcome but essential in keeping the spirit of this unforgettable night alive. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Why do I still write why do I still call
Why do I still think there’s hope for us at all
These are the tings I hate but they’re the things I do to get over you
Sunsets make me cry old pictures make me grin
But I don’t really care to see your face again
These are the things I say but they’re so hard to do like gettin’ over you
You gotta believe that there’s a reason that we surrender up our hearts
But there’s a vantage point and it takes some time to find
Where you can see how all the pieces fit as you watch ’em fall apart

Now I don’t think it’s right and you don’t know what’s wrong
My heart keeps asking me just where do we belong
It’s not as though my life ain’t hard enough to do try gettin’ over you

You gotta believe that there’s a reason…

Now other people say stop living in the past
But when there’s nothin’ left it’s your memory that lasts
It’s later than you think but still this isn’t through this gettin’ over you
Now it’s later than you think and still this isn’t through this gettin’ over you

Songwriters: Stephen Bruton

Getting Over You lyrics © BMG Rights Management US, LLC

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