Be Careful With A Fool by Johnny Winter (Live)

Johnny Winter from Danish TV in 1970 with Tommy Shannon on bass and Uncle John Turner on Drums!

Truly one of the all-time greats. The real deal without any fancy bullshit to smooth things out from a computerized mixing board!!

Johnny has his eyes closed and hitting every note and cord with feel to boot! How many Guitarists can claim that? You can count them all on one hand! Absolutely mesmerizing ability. Could play quickly, but always had a sense of “feel,” and not just noodling around. One of the true greats, R.I.P. Johnny!

Man, be careful with a fool
You know, someday he may get smart
Be careful with a fool
You know, someday he may get smart
He will treat you so cool and chilly
Till he hurt you to your heart

Yeah, you know

Hate to remember
Oh, what a fool I used to be, ha, ha!
Man, I hate to remember
How foolish I used to be
The way I used to love you, baby
How bad it’s gonna be

You know, I used to cry ’bout you, baby, ha!
You know, I’d-a walk the streets a-late at night
Used to cry about ya, a-walk the streets, a-late at night
If you love me just a little bit, baby
Why in the world don’t you treat me right?

Ah, yeah
Oh, yeah

Yeah, baby!

Uh, it’s like finally over, baby
Whoa, I believe this is the end, ah, ah, yeah, well!
Finally over, baby
Oh, I believe this-a is the end, ah
I want to tell you my baby
To forgive me for my sin

Songwriters: Josea Joe / King Riley B
Be Careful With a Fool lyrics © Universal Music – Careers

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