Canned Heat – Woodstock Boogie

Canned Heat – Woodstock Boogie Live at Woodstock, 1969.

When music was really, really great; an era never to be repeated! Easily one of the best performances at Woodstock!

What a fantastic blues group, one of the best to come out of the USA, to say they were underrated would be an understatement and there will never be another Woodstock.

Woodstock really was a blues festival more than anything. With one or two exceptions, the blues acts were the best, the tightest, and the smoothest. These guys don’t get enough credit, they were one kickass blues act.

Well the little red rooster
Told the little brown hen
“Meet you at the barn about a half past ten
Say, let’s do the boogie. Say let’s do the boogie”

My mom and baby knew the boogie
And we’d do it all night long
Well the little brown hen
Told the little red rooster
“Do come around here and dance
Like Daddy used to and rock the night baby!
You’ve got to rock the night, baby!”

You’ve got to rock the night, child
Knowing you’re gonna have somе fun!

Well I had a little dog
His name was Boy
Hе got a little taste then he wanted all
Too much boogie
I say that’s too much boogie
Well too much boogie you know is really good for you

Where did you stay last night?
Child, where did you stay last night?
Well you didn’t come home child until the sun was shining bright
She said: “Sorry, my daddy. I had to put on my boogie shoes!”

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