Eric Clapton & Mark Knopfler Live of Same Old Blues

Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Phil Collins, Jools Holland, Pino Palladino and Ray Cooper – Same Old Blues!

What a formation! What a classic line up of the greatest Blues musicians!

Why is it that every time some one posts a Blues video it immediately becomes an argument on who is best? We love them all, listen to them all and wish there were more people around doing the same stuff! Enjoy it, don’t hammer on someone different tastes! Keep the blues alive!

I’m sorry baby, but I can’t afford to stay
Your good, kind treatment will worry me someday
I love you baby, but I’m know I have to say goodbye
Woman I got to move, I really got to fly

Tell me what’s it all about
I get those same old blues every night, every night

I miss you already baby, more than words can say
I love you baby, you know I wouldn’t tell you no lies
If you don’t believe I love you, look at the tears standing in my eyes

Hey, same thing every morning
Tell me what’s it all about

Here I am back home baby, I’m back home to stay
I love you babe, never more will I go away
I won’t hurt you no more baby, ain’t gonna tell you no more lies

Hey, same thing every morning
What’s it all about
I get those same old blues every night

Songwriters: Eric Clapton
Same Old Blues lyrics © E C Music Ltd

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