Etta James, Dr. John and Allen Toussaint – Groove Me

Etta James, Dr. John and Allen Toussaint – Groove Me – Live at Chicago, 1982.

This is magic! Legends on stage!
All three of these geniuses have now left us. Hope they are jamming together somewhere again…

In the world of live performances, there are some that simply stand the test of time. “Etta James, Dr. John, and Allen Toussaint – Groove Me – Live at Chicago, 1982” is undoubtedly one of those unforgettable gems. This electrifying concert captured the essence of rhythm and blues, soul, and New Orleans jazz, delivering a soul-stirring experience that left the audience wanting more.

Etta James, the queen of blues, takes the stage with her powerful, raspy voice, and immediately commands attention with her larger-than-life presence. Her rendition of classics like “At Last” and “I’d Rather Go Blind” showcases the raw emotion and vulnerability that made her an icon. The audience is left in awe as she effortlessly weaves her storytelling into each note, creating a palpable connection that transcends time.

Dr. John, the Night Tripper, adds a touch of mystique to the performance with his unmistakable gravelly voice and mastery of the piano. His fusion of blues, jazz, and funk captivates the crowd, especially during hits like “Right Place, Wrong Time” and “Such a Night.” His performance brings the audience to their feet, dancing to the irresistible groove.

Allen Toussaint, the legendary New Orleans composer and pianist, adds a layer of sophistication to the concert with his incredible talent. His piano skills and contributions to the NOLA sound are undeniable, and his presence on stage brings an air of authenticity to the entire performance.

The chemistry between these three musical titans is truly remarkable. They seamlessly transition from one song to another, creating a continuous flow of energy throughout the show. The live band is equally impressive, providing a tight rhythm section and sensational horn arrangements that enhance the overall experience.

The video quality may not meet modern standards, as it is from 1982, but the timeless quality of the music transcends any technical limitations. It’s a historical document of a bygone era when music was all about heart and soul.

Uh, aw, sookie sookie now!
Hey, ow, uh, come on, baby
Hey there, sugar darling
Let me tell you something
Girl, I’ve been trying to say, now
You look so sweet
And you’re so doggone fine
I just can’t get you out of my mind
You’ve become a sweet taste in my mouth, now
And I want you to be my spouse
So that we can live happily, nah-nah
In a great big ol’ roomy house

And I know you’re gonna groove me, baby
Ah, yeah, now
You make me feel good inside
Come on, and groove me, baby
I need you to groove me
Ah, yeah, now, now, darling
Uh! Come on, come on!
Hey! Uh!

Hey there, sugar darlin’
Come on, give me something
Girl, I’ve been needing for days
Yes, I’m good, good loving
With plenty, plenty hugging
Ooh, you cute little thang, you
Girl, between you and me, nah-nah
We don’t need no company
No other man, no other girl
Can enter into our world
Not as long as you groove me, baby
Oh, come on
Make me feel good inside

Come on and groove me, baby
Move me, baby
Ah, sock it to me, mama
Uh! Ah, I like it like that, baby
Uh! Groove me, baby! Hey! Uh!
Groove me, darling!
Come on, come on
I need you to sock it to me, mama
Come on and groove me, baby
Hey! Uh! Good, God!
It makes me feel so good inside, mama
Now, come on, come on, and uh
Groove me, baby, groove me, baby
Oh, sock it to me
Sock it to me
Rock it to me
Come on, come on!
Come on!
And uh
Groove me, mama, I want you to
Groove me baby

Songwriters: King Floyd

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