Janis Joplin – Cry Baby

Janis Joplin – Cry Baby – Live in Toronto, 1970.

Janis is completely underrated as a blues singer! Janis didn’t sang the blues, she was the blues herself!
The way I describe Janis to people who never heard of her is. There is nothing pretty about her. Her voice is all over the place, not traditional. She is not flashy. She is not a pop star or anything like that. But when you listen to her you will feel pain, you will feel exposed, you will relive any trauma you might of faced. You will be amazed how one person can transmit so much pain and raw emotion into you heart!

Janis Joplin was a force of nature in the world of rock and blues, and her live performances were legendary. In 1970, she graced the stage in Toronto, delivering an unforgettable rendition of “Cry Baby.” Let’s dive into this iconic performance and relive the magic of Janis Joplin.
Janis Joplin’s voice was a raw and unfiltered expression of her soul, and this performance of “Cry Baby” in Toronto was no exception. The crowd’s energy was palpable as she took the stage, and from the first note, she had us all under her spell. Joplin’s raspy, powerful vocals penetrated deep into the hearts of the audience, leaving us in awe of her immense talent.

“Cry Baby” was a perfect choice for this performance. Its emotional depth and Joplin’s ability to convey every ounce of pain and longing through her voice made it a spellbinding experience. The song’s bluesy melody combined with her raw, heartfelt delivery created a captivating atmosphere that left the audience in tears.

Janis Joplin’s stage presence was magnetic. Her larger-than-life persona, fueled by her unparalleled passion for music, drew everyone in. She danced and swayed to the music, her energy infectious, making us feel like we were right there with her, experiencing every note, every emotion.

Joplin had an extraordinary ability to connect with her audience on a deeply personal level. She didn’t just sing; she poured her heart and soul into every word. You could see the tears in her eyes as she sang, and it was impossible not to be moved by her vulnerability and authenticity.

Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby” performance in Toronto in 1970 was nothing short of a transcendent musical journey. Her extraordinary talent, emotional depth, and unwavering connection with the audience created an unforgettable experience. Even decades later, this performance continues to resonate with the soul, reminding us of the enduring power of music to touch our hearts and stir our emotions. Janis Joplin’s live performance of “Cry Baby” in Toronto in 1970 was a masterpiece of rock and blues. Her mesmerizing vocals, impeccable song choice, magnetic stage presence, and profound connection with the audience left an indelible mark in the annals of music history. If you haven’t experienced this performance yet, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Share your thoughts in the comments below; we’d love to hear about your own personal connection with Janis Joplin’s timeless artistry.

Cry baby
Cry baby
Cry baby
Honey, welcome back home

I know she told you
Hon’, I know she told you that she loved you
Much more than I did
But I know that she left you
And you swear that you just don’t know why
But you know, hon’, I’ll always
I’ll always be around
If you ever want me

Come on and cry, cry baby
Cry baby, cry
Cry baby
Oh honey, welcome back home

Don’t you know

Honey, ain’t nobody ever gonna love you
The way I try to do
Who’ll take all your pain
And your heartache too?
And if you need me you know that I’ll always be around
If you ever want me

Come on and cry, cry baby
Cry baby
Cry baby
Oh, daddy, like you always sayin’ to do

And when you walk around the world, babe
You said you’d try to look for the end of the road
You might find out later that the road’ll end in Detroit
Hon’, the road’ll even end in Kathmandu

You can go all around the world
Tryin’ to find something to do with your life, baby
When you only gotta do one thing well
You only gotta do one thing well to make it in this world, babe
You got a woman waitin’ for you there
All you ever gotta do is be a good man one time to one woman
And that’ll be the end of the road, babe
I know you got more tears to share, babe
So come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on

And cry, cry baby
Cry baby

And if you ever feel a little lonely, dear
I want you to come on, come on to mama now
And if you ever want a little love of a woman
Come on and baby, baby, baby, babe, babe, baby now
Cry baby, yeah

Songwriters: Adam Craig / Trent Tomlinson / Russell Dickerson
Cry Baby lyrics © Sony/atv Tree Publishing, Sony/atv Countryside, Mellin Robert Inc., Big Spaces Music, Sloopy Ii Music Inc., Big Mosquito Music, Songs Of Twentyseven Music, Screen-gems Emi Music (r.mellin M.)

Featured image:
Janis Joplin Performing, Fillmore East, NYC, 1968.
Photograph By Ken Regan.

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