Jim Lee Blues Pt. 1 by Samantha Fish (Live)

Kansas City, Missouri artist Samantha Fish performs in TV Studio A at KCPT.

Finally, a video that features her guitar playing ability. Crisp and clear. Man, this is absolutely awesome!

Ms. Fish is a very good player/singer. She falls into my new player to take the place of someone like Ms. Raitt, or the lady who married Mr. Trucks. She can hold vocal qualities for sure, and she plays from the heart. The hits will come, and a steady playing style with all the noted performers of the current crowd of popular players. It s a shoe on the foot. Time and quality.

Went away up the river some forty mile or more
I think I heard that big Jim Lee he blowed

She blow so lonesome, like she wasn’t gonna blow no more
It blowed just like my baby gettin’ on board

My Mama she is dead’ and my father well could be
I ain’t got nobody to feel and care for me

And If you don’t want me just give me your hand
And I’ll get a woman quick as you can a man

I laid my head in a steamer woman’s arms
And he laid came when he liad his head back in mine

It was moonshine, don’t you pay me no mind
‘Cause I did not let no other man have mine

Well the big Jim Lee keep a-backing up and down
Keep standin’ by the shore, man, if you’re water bound

Songwriters: Charley Patton
Jim Lee Blues Pt. 1 lyrics © Emi Longitude Music

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