Mississippi Blues by Johnny Winter (Live Performance)

There are a lot of covers of Mississippi Blues, but most of them don’t stray far from the original Willie Brown version. Here Johnny pays homage to the original and then takes it to a totally new place. Pure improvising genius!

Johnny was one of the best ever. He was an incredible singer, he could pick, he was incredible with a slide, he could play traditionally with the best or straight rockin’ blues, any way you wanted it, just blues personified.Man, listen to his voice, listen to the tone phrasing and the inflections. The guy was a prodigy.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh huh, oh yeah
I’ve been in Texas, I’ve been on the run
I’ve been in Texas, I’ve been on the run
I’m going to Leland, Mississippi, mama
You all know that’s where I come from
Right down on the Delta, man

Well, I’m alone, baby, I’m free free from my home
Well, I’m alone, I’m free from my home
You know I was sittin’ right down people
On my daddy’s cotton farm

Come hear, baby, let your long hair down
Ah, come here, woman, let your hair down
I want you to love me with a feeling
‘Cause I’m Mississippi bound

The best woman, the best waist in town
The best woman, the best waist in town
Oh yeah

You’ll never keep me woman
‘Cause I have a travellin’ mind

Songwriters: Johnny Winter
Leland Mississippi Blues lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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