Samantha Fish – Shake ‘Em On Down

Shake ‘Em On Down by Samantha Fish Live at Birchmere, Alexandria, 10/22/18.

The voice, the girl, the guitar, the band! The total package!

Samantha is simply fantastic. A humble player, who respects where the music has come from. She is the face of the future of the blues scene. What a classy woman!

If you see my baby, Lordy
Stand around you know we
Somewhere, baby, Lord, mama
Shakin’ em on down
Lordy, must I low

‘pick it’

If you come to my house
You don’t find me around
You know we somewhere, baby
Lord, mama, shakin’ em on down
Lordy, must I low

Put yo knees together
Baby, let yo backbone move
It t’aint a woman in town
Can shake ’em down like you
Lordy, must I low

Oh, lower ‘um

Lord, I went up on a hill, baby
Lord, to get some ice
‘Fore we got back, Lord
We shook ’em down twice
Lordy, must I low.

Songwriters: Fred Mcdowell / Alan Lomax
Shake ’em on Down lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Wixen Music Publishing

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