From the Cradle by Eric Clapton | Blues Album Review

The fact that Eric Clapton takes a special position in this context is not a secret either. 25 years ago, the exception guitarist with “from the cradle” came true a dream: a pure blues album, recorded live in the studio, with covers of legends that accompanied and shaped the entire musical life of Clapton. “from the cradle – out of the cradle” has a visual meaning.

Some critics have said that Clapton did not only use very well-known classics but also mostly unknown material. I can’t recognize any damage to this. Rather, I see one of the strengths of the work in this mix. And there are many of them.
Clapton never only covers. He interprets and creates a lot of respect for the original new. And he rarely did that as passionate as on this album.

The Sonic selection is great and he gives us a ride through the blues story that has it in it. The Guitar game is, of course, the crown of everything. But also the collaboration with the band, especially with the accordion, is gorgeous. Last but not least I want to praise the singing. Clapton brings here the darkest white singing you can wish for the blues.
For me, the album doesn’t have a single weak point, but strengths without end. I can also hear it several times in a row and still discover new things. It just doesn’t get boring!
This is what makes the blues so adorable and timeless: the pure image of life.

Eric Clapton Drifting Blues 2008 Unplugged Live TV Recording

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  1. seen EC’s ‘Cradle to the grave concert, totally blew me away..been dedicated to the bluez ever since.

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