Shake ‘Em On Down by Samantha Fish (Live)

Those are the sexiest legs in rock and roll history. And her blues is on fire!

Nice job on the slide Sam. Doesn’t hurt to have a very competent duo be your foundation and allow you to rock on guitar and vocals while looking extremely good.
They don’t have million-dollar sound equipment. No million-dollar light and laser show. They don’t have 20 backup dancers and 5 backup singers and no AUTOTUNE. And they are killing it.

This woman has a great love for what she does and it shows she is truly outstanding great in all departments of music she plays great she sings great and her songwriting is special too and everybody who has met her has said she is so lovely to meet and talk to she is very down to earth keep on rockin’ Sam I’m a fan for life!

Samantha Fish – guitar, vocals
Christopher Alexander – bass, vocals
Go-Go Ray – drums, vocals
Ukrainian American Cultural Center / Whippany, NJ, 3/22/13.
Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad

If you see my baby, Lordy
Stand around you know we
Somewhere, baby, Lord, mama
Shakin’ em on down
Lordy, must I low

‘pick it’

If you come to my house
You don’t find me around
You know we somewhere, baby
Lord, mama, shakin’ em on down
Lordy, must I low

Put yo knees together
Baby, let yo backbone move
It t’aint a woman in town
Can shake ’em down like you
Lordy, must I low

Oh, lower ‘um

Lord, I went up on a hill, baby
Lord, to get some ice
‘Fore we got back, Lord
We shook ’em down twice
Lordy, must I low.

Songwriters: Fred Mcdowell / Alan Lomax
Shake ’em on Down lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Wixen Music Publishing

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