Top 3 Best Electric Guitars for Playing Blues

All guitar can be suitable for beginner to set strings in vibration, all guitars can’t give the delightful and irresistible blues. But it takes an expert to spot the difference in tunes from different guitars. The preference for a particular guitar depends on what makes your blues music genre hero an hero to you – your discretion and definition of real blues.

Many other factors are also considered apart from their excellent traditional impression. These factors that determine the choice guitar are their specs, inbuilt sound shape, and configuration. The interaction of these factors and fitness to your music make up also makes your choice guitar always the chosen one.

After checking and exploration of the trendy guitars, here are three electric guitars that give timbre in harmony with blues while you journey to stardom:

Fender Vintera ’70s Stratocaster


It will be a joke if I top this list with another guitar apart from Fender Stratocaster. It has a 5-way pickup selector switch. The single-coiled pickups make it still find clarity when overdriven or distorted. This is Stevie Ray Vaughan lethal weapon he rolled to kill the stage with melody.

Strat oozes your mind with happiness as you plunge into those traditional tones and simultaneously chump on a contemporary technology taste. Having a maple wood fingerboard with a maple wood C-shaped neck gives you a real charm. A grease bucket tone circuit headstock makes you find cushioning while dispersing sound waves in the air.


  • Fingerboard: maple wood
  • Pickup: 3 vintage style Single-Coil Strat
  • Neck: maple wood
  • Hardware: Nickel or chrome vibrator, tuner
  • Control: Master volume, 5-way pickup selector

Gibson Les Paul


Gibson Les Paul is not the second to Fender Stratocaster but the choice of people who can’t get along with Fender technology. Gibson Les Paul uses a pair of humbucker pick up for a 3-way pickup blade selector. These pickups enable it to be jazzy and bassy. Its legendary appearance set the lips apart and rounded for an exclamation. The body is made from mahogany with a maple wood neck. Heals your heart and the world with the strings of Gibson Les Paul while playing the blue.


  • 3-way pickup toggle selector.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • High quality styled tuner with tulip button.
  • 22 chubby frets.
  • 75 scale.
  • Gibson humbucker pickups.

Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster


Do you know Jimmy Page? Jimmy is a prolific guitarist with a distorted guitar tone, “stairways to heaven” is his solo melody with Fender Telecaster. Why fender telecast? It has smooth playability with 21 chubby frets, an exceptional vibe suitable for blues. It has plenty of grunts more than Strat that mistook it for ’59 Les Paul but lightweight than the latter guitar. The quality of sound is telecasted with 2-vintage ’59 Tele pickups and 3-way pickup selector blade switch.


  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Maple wood medium C-profile neck.
  • Jimmy ’59 Tele pickups.
  • Nickel/chromium 3-saddle telecast bridge.

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