Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris – Till I Gain Control Again

Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris – Till I Gain Control Again – From Willie Nelson Stars and Guitars 2002.

House Band; Richard Bennett, Jim Cox, Chad Cromwell, Dan Dugmore, Mickey Raphael, Glenn Worf, Robert Bailey, Kim Fleming, Vicki Hampton, Willie Nelson Family Band; Billy English, Paul English, Jackie King, Bobbie Nelson, Jody Payne, Dan Spears.

Wonderful! Respect to Rodney Crowell, the songwriter, and to Trigger, the third ‘voice’ in this awesome duet.

To have been in the same room with both of these artists at the same time would be the closest thing to heaven on earth!

Just like the sun over the mountain top you know I’ll always come again
You know I love to spend my morning time like sunlight dancing on your skin
And I have never gone so long just for telling lies to you
What you’ve seen is what I’ve been
There is nothing that I can hide a few you see me better than I can
Out on the road that lies before me now there are some turns where I will spin
I only hope that you will hold me now till I gain control again

Just like a lighthouse you must stand alone and mark the sailors journey’s end
And no matter what sea that I’ve been sailing on I’ll always roll this way again
Out on the road that lies…

Songwriters: Rodney J. Crowell

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